It’s been more than two years since we put our lives on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, and if you’re like me, you’re itching to shift up a gear and put the pedal to the metal.

The pent-up demand for adventure has never been greater — singles, couples and families are eager to reconnect, and the Enchanted Circle is the perfect place to do so, making memories you’ll never forget in one of the most unique places on Earth.

 If this is your first time visiting the Land of Enchantment, then you’re in for a treat. From rafting to rock climbing, mountain biking to hiking, camping to stargazing — there is so much on offer here when you step out into the vast landscapes of Northern New Mexico. 

There is plenty to enjoy when you head indoors as well: unique  regional foods, drinks and live music in local restaurants and bars, as well as modern and historic works of art in world-renowned galleries and museums.

Orlando's Red and Green Chile
Whether you opt for Orlando’s red or green chile, or both, you can’t go wrong. Photo by Katharine Egli/Taos News

 What’s more, everything to see and do here is steeped in a one-of-a-kind tri-cultural community, which includes the centuries-old Spanish community that still calls this region home, the ancient Pueblo communities that keep their indigenous traditions alive and everyone who has discovered what makes this region so special.

There’s a reason they call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment and Taos County the Enchanted Circle. Here, you will find everything that makes this state unlike any other — a true bucket-list destination.

So grab your gear and come visit this corner of the American Southwest and find what’s been missing in your life these past two years.

It’s time to get back out there.

MICHAEL TASHJI, magazine editor




The Green Hornet sails above dozens of balloons during the annual Balloons Over Angel Fire festivities at Colfax County Airport. Morgan Timms/Taos News