Orlando's Red and Green Chile
Whether you opt for Orlando’s red or green chile, or both, you can’t go wrong. Photo by Katharine Egli/Taos News

Welcome back to Taos, and know before you go

We are all joyously and carefully emerging from our quarantine cocoons and welcoming family, neighbors and visitors back into our communities – perhaps more grateful than ever before for simple pleasures.

Columbine flowers near the Taos Ski Valley. Photo by Cindy Brown

Many 2021 summer events have not been determined and some historical sites have been temporarily closed due to safety precautions (COVID-Safe Practices or CSPs) throughout the state. So double check every event or outlet you want to visit, call to be sure the event is still happening; register or make appointments as required; stay masked and physically distanced according to state mandates.

The Green Hornet sails above dozens of balloons during the annual Balloons Over Angel Fire festivities at Colfax County Airport. Morgan Timms/Taos News

Physical distancing and masks have kept most of Taos County happy and healthy. Happy people are known to have stronger immune systems than chronically stressed people. As the American Psychological Association points out, the more stressed you are, the more vulnerable you are to viruses, because prolonged stress lowers the immune system’s ability to respond (apa.org/research/action/immune). Friends and relaxation strengthen health the APA says. Being mindful of stressful thoughts and choosing to focus elsewhere – such as interacting with nature, exploring art galleries, shops, landmarks and historic sites – all qualify as reducing stress and building immune systems – the exact emotional component needed for healthy, happy people observing good physical distancing practices.

Savannah Holden and Keaton Karvas, both of Taos, dance beneath Christian Ristow’s sculpture, “With open arms we welcomed that which would destroy us,” during the 2019 Paseo. Ristow’s robot god was presented alongside tunes by DJ Chrystalline, which encouraged visitors to dance at its base. Morgan Timms/Taos News

Remember, enjoyment is a weapon. Wield it wildly, with every breath you take. You deserve laughter, fun and walks in the woods with those you love.

Welcome to Taos and enjoy!

Virginia L Clark
Discover Taos 2021 editor