Arbiters Of The Arts

Four Women guiding the stories of Taos Art

By Elizabeth Burns
California Valley

In April last year, the New York Times published a story noting a trend: “From the Louvre to the Vatican Museums and the National Gallery of Art, female directors are taking over from men.” The story goes on to note “four British museums; the Vatican Museums; the National Gallery of Art in Washington; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; the Saint Louis Art Museum and many more.…” are now overseen by women.

Greta Brunschwyler (Photo by Photo by Bill Curry)
Christy Coleman (Photo by Zoë Zimmerman)

Here in Taos, these women oversee some of Taos’ most storied institutions: the Harwood Museum of Art, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos Art Museum at Fechin House, and Taos Center for the Arts. Each of these women, profiled here by Elizabeth Burns, had a unique path to this famed mecca for the arts; and each path was interesting, even portended. Whatever their path to Taos — or, in the case of the Harwood’s Juniper Leherissey — back to Taos, we think you’ll enjoy meeting these “Aribiters of the Arts.”

Chelsea Reidy (Courtesy Photo)
Juniper Leherissey, executive director at Harwood Museum of Art (Photo by Daniel Pearson)