Stars & Bars

Whether you are a seasoned local, a returning visitor, or this is your first time discovering all that Taos has to offer… 

By Haven Lindsey
Ally Cantina, Photograph by Sam Joseph

we’ve got the scoop on the patio bars and the personalities that come with them.

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Medium Rare

In search of a great steak ; Being neighbors with Texas, many may wonder what Northern New Mexico has to offer when it comes to perfectly cooked steak. 

By Will Hooper 
Medley, Photo By Sam Joseph

 The area is no stranger to cattle. We sat down at three restaurants cooking up their interpretation of the perfect piece of meat, each as delicious as the next.

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Rock Steady

Here we are, getting back to basics after all our worlds were interrupted by COVID-19. Now is the moment to get outside and reinvigorate a vital love of the outdoors. 

By Jay Foley     
Jay The Rock Climber, Photograph by Elijah Rael

There is no better way to reboot and return outside than joining one of America’s fastest growing sports, rock climbing!

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Toker Tourism

Cruising around Taos, you might wonder if the skunk you smell is the black and white variety or one that’s decidedly greener.

By michael tashji 
Nathan Burton/Taos News
A pile of just-made pre-rolls sit in the production facility at Southwest Cannabis on Tuesday (March 22).

That’s because New Mexico legalized recreational adult-use cannabis in June 2021, and weed went on sale on April 1.

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Taos Ski Valley’s Confluence

Highlighting regional goods. When two rivers merge, it is called a confluence.

By Will Hooper 
Nathan Burton/Taos News
Confluence Artisan Goods, one of the newest businesses to open at the Taos Ski Valley, provides local, regional, and generally artisan crafted goods to those hoping to bring home a piece of the Southwest.

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Gallery Boomtown

Like everywhere, Taos felt the impacts of the pandemic, but this spunky mountain town took the lemons handed to it and made a pitcher of the proverbial lemonade. 

By dena miller    
Chimayo Trading, Photo By Sam Joseph

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