Toker Tourism

Cruising around Taos, you might wonder if the skunk you smell is the black and white variety or one that’s decidedly greener.

By michael tashji 
Nathan Burton/Taos News
A pile of just-made pre-rolls sit in the production facility at Southwest Cannabis on Tuesday (March 22).

That’s because New Mexico legalized recreational adult-use cannabis in June 2021, and weed went on sale on April 1.

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Taos Ski Valley’s Confluence

Highlighting regional goods. When two rivers merge, it is called a confluence.

By Will Hooper 
Nathan Burton/Taos News
Confluence Artisan Goods, one of the newest businesses to open at the Taos Ski Valley, provides local, regional, and generally artisan crafted goods to those hoping to bring home a piece of the Southwest.

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Retail resurgence

‘Taos Ski Valley’s renaissance

has delivered modern and thoughtful upgrades while retaining the area’s character and soul, and businesses.  like Cid’s and others reflect that ethos because they are locally owned, original and will be integrated into the community,’ said David Norden, CEO of Taos Ski Valley. 

Courtesy Taos Ski Valley

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Local shopping guide

Taos has the best places to find gifts for any person or occasion

By Celesa Lucien

If you have a busy schedule to include all the scenic and museum destinations of Taos, you will want to hit the best shops guaranteed to complete your shopping list. For items you may have forgotten or for things you did not expect to need or for loved ones that remained at home, here is a “get it or bust” list.

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