Kids Corner

Fun things to do with the kids while in Taos

By Josephine Ashton

Local families and visitors with kids will also likely Google: “Find kids’ interests in Taos.” Surprising activities in all seasons are hiding in plain sight, waiting to be discovered.

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Rock Star

Meet the mountain with an epic rock climbing adventure  

By Jay Foley

As you take in the mountains and serene mesa vistas of Taos County, look closely and you will notice several cliffs dotting this majestic Northern New Mexico landscape.

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Camping 101

Camping, glamping or whatever, these basic rules will not fail 

By Craig Smith

Northern New Mexico is a camper’s paradise. Whether you use an RV, car or tent, camping is a great way to discover Taos and its beautiful surroundings. But — plan ahead. 


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Hiking Taos

Sage advice and solid 411 on hiking in Northern New Mexico 

By Cindy Brown

One early summer morning, a friend and I were hiking quietly on a trail in southern Taos County.

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Sipapu at 70

A magic portal to outdoor recreation in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

By David Lerner

According to many North American Indigenous creation stories, a Sipapú is a cosmic portal and a sacred place of emergence.

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Snow Voyagers

Whether you’ve lived in Taos your whole life or you have just arrived, the vast landscape of Taos County will always have something to satisfy your outdoor desires.

Story & Photos by Jay Foley

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End of an Era

Taos Ski Valley ski instructor Bernard ‘Dadou’ Mayer remembered

By Geoffrey Plant 

Legendary Taos Ski Valley ski instructor Bernard “Dadou” Mayer died in August, 2022. He was 82. Mayer followed his brother, Jean Mayer, another lareger-than-life denizen of the slopes, from the French Alps to the United States in order to take a job at the Taos Ski Valley in 1958. Jean Mayer, who with the help of his family and several other early ski valley legends, built the Hotel St. Bernard and was the technical director of the Taos Ski School, died in October 2020.

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Grande Rio

The Rio Grande is the quintessential fly-fishing experience in Northern New Mexico

By Tamra Testerman

Washing down a sandwich with a cold beer on the tailgate of his truck gazing at the Milky Way slung low above the craggy canyons carved from the volcanic rock of the Taos Pueblo — the sound of a steady river below snaking its way to the Gulf of Mexico — Taos local John Nichols, author of “The Milagro Beanfield War” and 18 other books, describes the conclusion of a perfect day fly-fishing on the Rio Grande. 

File Photo

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Ski Central

The Enchanted Circle lorem ipsum dolor met avec

By Cindy Brown & Photos By MIke Hawkins

Welcome to skiing in paradise. Around the Enchanted Circle of Northern New Mexico, you’ll find skiing and riding for every taste and level of ability. From double-black diamond runs at the legendary Taos Ski Valley to the family-friendly slopes of Sipapu, Angel Fire and Red River, skiing and riding here is more than just about sport — it’s about pristine forests, sunshine, history, culture, community and finding a place that reflects who you are as a skier and a person. 

Photo by Mike Hawkins/Skier Nate Steinberg

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Rock Steady

Here we are, getting back to basics after all our worlds were interrupted by COVID-19. Now is the moment to get outside and reinvigorate a vital love of the outdoors. 

By Jay Foley     
Jay The Rock Climber, Photograph by Elijah Rael

There is no better way to reboot and return outside than joining one of America’s fastest growing sports, rock climbing!

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Breathtaking beauty

Enjoy winter fly-fishing in Northern New Mexico. 

experience the stark, solitary beauty to being on a river in the winter. 

By Tamra Testerman 

The bigger animals native to our region are mostly in hibernation, most of the birds have migrated to warmer climes, there are fewer people on the roads and in the woods, and there is a breathtaking stillness not found any other time of year.

Courtesy of Blue Yonder Fly-fishing

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