Historic Taos Inn

A legendary gathering place of North Central New Mexico

By Josephine Ashton


Nathan Burton/Taos News
Traffic light trails and the neon sign of the Historic Taos Inn glow over wet pavement as a storm that brought frequent rain. resides as dusk falls.

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Desert Flower

Rustic charm meets simple sophistication in this new boutique hotel 

By David Lerner

The Desert Flower hotel is a welcome and overdue addition to Taos’ boutique hotel scene. While no one hotel can be all things to all guests, the Desert Flower comes fairly close, filling an important niche previously lacking in the town’s small but competitive hospitality ecosystem. 

Nathan Burton/Taos News

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Ship Shape

Earthships offer an eco-alternative lifestyle on the outskirts of Taos 

By Drew Stuart

Taos is defined by a paradox. It’s a community with living traditions as ancient as any in America. It’s also been a magnet for visionaries, for those seeking new beginnings in art and life. The most visible icons of that spirit of experimentation are the Earthships. Visitors can experience this form of radical architecture, or “biotecture,” at the Greater World Earthship Community on Taos Mesa.

Nathan Burton/Taos News

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Glorious Guides

Heritage Inspirations offers a different kind of guided tour


Visitors looking for an all-inclusive, authentically curated guided tour in and around Northern New Mexico can choose one of more than twenty itineraries offered by Heritage Inspirations, which designs trips “as a woven tapestry of storytelling and adventure” through the back rounds and topography of El Norté.

By Amanda Powell

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Doggy Days

Everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy in Taos

By Virginia Clark & Photos By Mike Hawkins

Vacaying or just hanging with Fur Babies? Here’s what Taos offers to keep pets cuddly — both at home or on the road. Grooming, daycare, boarding, training and more. Also check out Law of the Land — for staying safe and legal in town, county and public spaces. That way everybody is happy.

By Mike Hawkins

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Place de résistance

Just a few steps away from the slopes.

The Blake Hotel is a place where skiers can relax after a long day in the snow.

This luxurious alpine hotel features 80 rooms, a spa and wellness center, pool and fitness center, a restaurant and tapas bar that is currently closed (at press time), a ski valet in the winter, art installations and Hausmeisters who are there to meet all of the guests’ needs. 

File Photo

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