Hiking Taos

Sage advice and solid 411 on hiking in Northern New Mexico 

By Cindy Brown

One early summer morning, a friend and I were hiking quietly on a trail in southern Taos County.

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Sipapu at 70

A magic portal to outdoor recreation in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

By David Lerner

According to many North American Indigenous creation stories, a Sipapú is a cosmic portal and a sacred place of emergence.

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Ranchos Real

The Ranchos Plaza Grill is a Taos tradition of food and family

By David Lerner

Consistency, simplicity, flavor. According to Adam Medina, chef and owner of Ranchos Plaza Grill, these are the intangible qualities that set his restaurant apart from other New Mexican eateries. 

File Photo

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New in Taos

Five new restaurants make the scene —here are the reviews 

By Will Hooper

The local restaurant scene has seen some changes recently, with a few new eateries we wanted to highlight here — including a Texas BBQ joint, an elegant prix fixe in Ojo, the next best thing to the old Taos Diner, a colorful coffee and breakfast bar and a Native-owned real-deal New Mexican restaurant. Bon Appetit!

File Photo

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Bridging Miles

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss remind us of the power of music

By Lynne Robinson

It’s summer 1969, and I’m high up on some serious scaffolding, painting a Muscha-inspired art nouveau mural on the front of an old building in Cape Town named The Market.

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Desert Flower

Rustic charm meets simple sophistication in this new boutique hotel 

By David Lerner

The Desert Flower hotel is a welcome and overdue addition to Taos’ boutique hotel scene. While no one hotel can be all things to all guests, the Desert Flower comes fairly close, filling an important niche previously lacking in the town’s small but competitive hospitality ecosystem. 

Nathan Burton/Taos News

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Ship Shape

Earthships offer an eco-alternative lifestyle on the outskirts of Taos 

By Drew Stuart

Taos is defined by a paradox. It’s a community with living traditions as ancient as any in America. It’s also been a magnet for visionaries, for those seeking new beginnings in art and life. The most visible icons of that spirit of experimentation are the Earthships. Visitors can experience this form of radical architecture, or “biotecture,” at the Greater World Earthship Community on Taos Mesa.

Nathan Burton/Taos News

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Turquoise Takeover

NM United and the Town of Taos team up on new soccer jerseys 

By Jeans Pineda

The Town of Taos Tourism and Marketing Department has partnered with New Mexico United on a project melding art, fashion and sports within and beyond the Taos community.

Photo Courtesy of NM United & The Town of Taos

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Dunn Deal

Take a charmed shopping excursion in the heart of historic Taos

By Josephine Ashton

“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things: of shoes and ships — and sealing wax — of cabbages and kings.” But then, bless his mathematician, logician, imaginative, 1832-1898 author’s heart, Lewis Carroll had never enjoyed a summer stroll through the John Dunn Shops in downtown Taos.  

Visitors enjoy a warm day at the John Dunn/Bent Street shops in Taos, New Mexico, Photos by Jane Phillips/ For the Taos News

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Old Taos

A fascinating slice of visual history from the Taos County photo archive

By Rick Romancito

Community has from the beginning been the driving force when it came to settling the region known as Taos Valley. With the Pueblo Peak and a southern spur of the Rocky Mountains holding forth over the occasional hustle and bustle, punctuated by an unmatched serenity, Taos has become a natural gathering place for creatives, adventurers, outlaws, farmers, ranchers and even celebrities from time to time.

Photo courtesy Taos County

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Snow Voyagers

Whether you’ve lived in Taos your whole life or you have just arrived, the vast landscape of Taos County will always have something to satisfy your outdoor desires.

Story & Photos by Jay Foley

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End of an Era

Taos Ski Valley ski instructor Bernard ‘Dadou’ Mayer remembered

By Geoffrey Plant 

Legendary Taos Ski Valley ski instructor Bernard “Dadou” Mayer died in August, 2022. He was 82. Mayer followed his brother, Jean Mayer, another lareger-than-life denizen of the slopes, from the French Alps to the United States in order to take a job at the Taos Ski Valley in 1958. Jean Mayer, who with the help of his family and several other early ski valley legends, built the Hotel St. Bernard and was the technical director of the Taos Ski School, died in October 2020.

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Grande Rio

The Rio Grande is the quintessential fly-fishing experience in Northern New Mexico

By Tamra Testerman

Washing down a sandwich with a cold beer on the tailgate of his truck gazing at the Milky Way slung low above the craggy canyons carved from the volcanic rock of the Taos Pueblo — the sound of a steady river below snaking its way to the Gulf of Mexico — Taos local John Nichols, author of “The Milagro Beanfield War” and 18 other books, describes the conclusion of a perfect day fly-fishing on the Rio Grande. 

File Photo

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