Breathtaking beauty

Enjoy winter fly-fishing in Northern New Mexico. 

experience the stark, solitary beauty to being on a river in the winter. 

By Tamra Testerman 

The bigger animals native to our region are mostly in hibernation, most of the birds have migrated to warmer climes, there are fewer people on the roads and in the woods, and there is a breathtaking stillness not found any other time of year.

Courtesy of Blue Yonder Fly-fishing

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Don’t like skiing?

Here are five great alternatives to enjoy some winter adventure

By Ellen Miller-Goins

No doubt sitting by a crackling fire under a warm blanket is wonderful but if you choose this option, you are missing out on a truth: being outdoors in Northern New Mexico during the winter is magical, beautiful, exhilarating and … fun! 

If you consider skiing or snow

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Happy glamping

“Glamping” (glamorous camping)

By Ellen Miller-Goins 

Camping in a lavishly appointed tent dates back at least to the 16th Century. Today, “glamping” can range from 5-star resorts to comfortable but rustic accommodations that are, at the very least, a step up from sleeping on the ground with nothing but a thin wall of nylon between you and the elements.

courtesy the enchanted forest

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Be a cowboy again

Were you still playing cowboy in the backyard long after other kids had abandoned their six-shooters in favor of light sabers?

By Ellen Miller-Goins

You are in luck. You’ve come home. Northern New Mexico is home to many working ranches, and also features opportunities for playing cowboy on horseback — even in winter.

File Photo

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Winter hikes

With over 300 days of sunshine a year 

Hiking is possible in and around Taos throughout the winter. Here are the top trails in and around the Enchanted Circle.

By cindy brown 

Being in nature on a brisk day with the sun sparkling on fresh snowfall is good for the body and soul. Winter hiking requires a bit more gear, but with a little planning you can have a pleasant and safe trail experience. At lower elevations trails may be clear of snow, while those at higher elevations are likely to have snowier conditions. Be sure to check weather forecasts and consult local outfitters and other local resources as you plan your hike. 

File Photo

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Dog Gone Park

Angel Fire has dogs. Lots of dogs. Lots of rescue dogs. But no dog park.

by Jacqui Binford-Bell

No fenced backyards. Dog exercise, socialization and human activities were centered around trekking with your dog and your friends and their dogs on the miles of green belts and  trails in the resort area. When the pandemic locked down the humans it also locked down the dogs. Suspension of human interaction meant suspension of canine socialization. Continue reading “Dog Gone Park”

Rocky Mountain Highs

As the summer heat approaches, many folks opt for cooler climes and there are none so sweet as those found in the Rockies. 

By Lily Sanborn and Virginia Clark

The Enchanted Circle’s Chambers of Commerce are on top of everything, planning for every eventuality, now and in the future, so visitors are welcome whenever state ratings allow.

The breathtaking scenes “will be here to greet and comfort you – as they hav been for centuries of people before us” says the Village of Taos Ski Valley website. Continue reading “Rocky Mountain Highs”

Enjoy Taos Mountains

Forest restoration protects and enhances outdoor activities

story and photos By j.r. logan

The forests and rivers along the west slope of the Sangre de Cristo Range have long been a haven for those looking to escape to the outdoors.

Whether to hunt, fish, camp, ski, raft, hike or bike, these mountains hold something for almost everyone. And there’s a lot of folks working together in and around Taos to make sure these forests are around for future generations to enjoy as well. Continue reading “Enjoy Taos Mountains”

Books and Play

Books and play this summer with Twirl!

By amber thomas

Twirl is a play and discovery space located in Taos, New Mexico, and has a reputation for being a fun place to bring children.

But many don’t realize Twirl spends a majority of its time these days delivering fun interactive learning activities in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) through community collaborations, in-school programs, and organization partnerships throughout Taos County at no cost to them.

Amber Thomas, Twirl instructor, leads the Word Play Program at Twirl. Courtesy Twirl Play & Discovery Place

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Rad Rivers

River rafting is a great way to get outdoors and experience the unique beauty of the Río Grande and other rivers.

By Cindy Brown

Taos rafting outfitters are looking forward to a spectacular season. With all the learning from last year about how to keep people COVID-safe, the outfitters are welcoming guests to a new season of fun on the river.

Rafters arrive at Souse Hole on the Río Grande. Taos News file photo

The raft trips vary from calm to thrilling depending on the difficulty of the rapids, but all trips feature the magic of being on the river and sights that might include ancient petroglyphs, otters, ducks, eagles and big horn sheep. River rafting is a great way to really experience the beauty of river life with its adventure and surprises.

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Heavenly Hikes

Taos’ trails less traveled

By Haven Lindsey

The majesty of the Sangre de Cristo mountains appeals to every type of hiker and outdoor enthusiast. New Mexico ranks sixth in the nation for the availability of public lands and Taos County offers a wide range of terrain.

Hikers and backpackers can climb from high desert to stately alpine mountains with their vast meadows and craggy, rock-strewn peaks. Most trails aren’t ‘seasonal’ in Taos County, so hikers and backpackers enjoy the trails year-round. Continue reading “Heavenly Hikes”

Fab Feats

Taos offers an amazing array of heartfelt and literally uplifting events along the Enchanted Circle. Be sure to check out our highs and skies, like llama trekking and hot air ballooning.

By Lily Sanborn and Virginia Clark

Taos offers an amazing array of heartfelt and literally uplifting events along the Enchanted Circle. Be sure to check out our highs and skies, like llama trekking and hot air ballooning!

Native to the high Andes, llamas are right at home in the alpine splendor of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Courtesy Wild Earth Llama Adventures

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Get Outside, Catch a Fish

It’s not hard to catch a fish. Bait a hook or cast a fly or spinner and if something is downstream watching the flow it’s probably going to bite if the thing looks interesting enough to eat.

By Rick Romancito

But, that’s the simple part. What isn’t is less easy to describe and even harder to admit for some fisherfolk. Continue reading “Get Outside, Catch a Fish”

Horsing Around

Summer sunsets stun and beckon us to enjoy, and one of the best ways to enjoy them is on the back of a horse. Escape to the mountains or the trails of Taos with a furry friend on an adventure for riders of every experience.

By Lily Sanborn and Virginia Clark

Ride through La Lama Hills and the Sangre de Cristo mountains on one-hour, slow-paced trails, or wander through the piñon and juniper forest along the gentle slopes of the Sangre de Cristos. Continue reading “Horsing Around”

Vroom VROOM!

39th Memorial Day motorcycle rally in Red River is on ! Because Red River was forced to cancel its annual motorcycle rally in 2020, the town plans to celebrate twice as hard this year, according to April Ralph, Red River’s director of tourism.

Hundreds of bikers and visitors attend the Memorial Day Weekend celebrations in Red River, taking place this year Thursday-Monday (May 27-31). Courtesy Town of Red River

“The 39th Annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally will transpire from Thursday through Monday, May 27 to May 31, 2021,” Ralph said, noting too, “Red River will be following all COVID-19 safety policies and procedures that are in effect from the state of New Mexico at the time of the event.” Continue reading “Vroom VROOM!”

Rockin’ the Rockies

The word is out — summers in Taos rival its renowned winter ski season for outdoor adventure.

By jay foley

Taos County has miles of scenic river runs, cool hiking and biking trails, and stunning rock-climbing cliffs of all shapes and sizes. There is enough varied terrain surrounding Taos to keep beginners or expert outdoor enthusiasts satisfied for a lifetime.

Mountain Skills rock climbing guide Jay Foley in the Río Grande. Courtesy Kevin Rebholtz

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