Vacation rentals

By taylor hood

Geodesic Earth Dome

Taos   |    $81

For visitors looking for an amazing, unique experience, without going broke, there is the Geodesic dome in El Prado. “The dome is 30 feet across, with a bedroom loft space, an old clawfoot bathtub, a composting toilet, a little kitchen and open floor plan. We have a lovely walking trail right out the door,” explains the description. The space is small, but in the winter in Taos, it quickly turns from “small” to “cozy.” 

Under the dome
 Geodesic Earth Dome

Close to the action

Taos   |    $387

Casa Tewa celebrates the Native American Tewa culture which has occupied the upper Rio Grande valley for over a thousand years.”

That is the owner Judy’s opening pitch on AirBnb and it sums up the style of the space nicely. It is an early Spanish Pueblo Revolt Revival home, but it was updated in 2019, making it state-of-the-art as well. This space is easily worth the price as it offers a full, immersive Taos experience, with local fine art decorating the interior. Outside, guests can bask in the private hot tub, among the snows of the Taos wilderness.

Casa Tewa – Beautiful Retreat 2 Blocks from Plaza

First of its kind

Taos   |    $145

If you are traveling to Taos, there is a good chance you have heard of the Earthships. But for those who haven’t, outside of Taos there is a community of homes called “Earthships.” An Earthship is a style of architecture developed in the late 20th century to early 21st century by architect Michael Reynolds. Earthships are designed to behave as passive solar earth shelters made of both natural and upcycled materials such as earth-packed tires. 

With this rental, guests will experience unique living and earn bragging rights that they stayed in the first Earthship ever built.

First Earthship ever built, now refurbished

Ski in, ski out

Taos   |    $300

A luxurious cabin in the snowy woods with room for nine guests may be just the ticket for a big winter get together. This remodeled cabin sits a half mile from the resort basin in Taos Ski Valley. 

Yes, this property requires a 4-Wheel drive vehicle to get down the road in the winter months, but the isolation is one of its appeals.

The Spruce Haos offers a comfortable stay in a space with any number of rustic accoutrements, from the copper sinks with a fine patina, to the wood burning stove. But don’t worry, there is also wifi and Apple TV+. 

Spruce Haos: Taos Ski Valley Alpine Escape

In the pines

Taos   |    $141

The Treehouse is a serene retreat close to the Rio Pueblo. Isolated and quiet, this cozy space is perfect for rejuvenating the spirit, calming the mind, and pampering the body. But you can, of course, have your cake and eat it to at this property, which can accommodate between 3 (with just The Treehouse) and 11 (if you choose to rent the other two spaces, The Barn and The Loft) guests. That’s because it also includes easy access to the Plaza and Taos Ski Valley.

The Treehouse: A Rejuvenating Taos Experience