Bison Biz

Yes, You Can Bring Your Taos Adventure Home with You

By Haven Lindsey


Bison Star Naturals started as a local feel-good story that has resulted in a quality national brand of lotions, shampoos and more that gives everyone the opportunity to have a little bit of Taos at their fingertips. 

As Angelo and Jacquelene McHorse were preparing to welcome their first child, the young couple was also beset with asking themselves some serious questions. A former horse trainer with experience in animal husbandry, Jacquelene enjoyed wild harvesting and tinkering with creating lip balms and lotions — but it was only a hobby. 

Angelo was months away from becoming a certified Wilderness Ranger, yet facing the reality that a three-month certification training requirement would mean he would not only miss the birth of his firstborn, but he would also miss the first month of the child’s life. Unwilling to make that particular sacrifice, Angelo stepped away from that career choice. With questions come answers, and shortly after the birth of their daughter, Bison Star Naturals was also born. 

“We opted to take the entrepreneurial route so we could work at least twice as hard,” explained Angelo with equal hints of humor and seriousness as he discussed the level of commitment it takes to start a business from scratch. The couple has a decidedly family-first approach, but not one that is exclusive with limited hours and access. 

Bison Star Naturals is a by-product of a couple with deep connections to family and nature who revere quality and value. In a society that can fall prey to instant gratification and impetuous experiences, the customer focus and genuine thoughtfulness behind the brand is authentic — it is not a slick marketing campaign. 

Jeff Moses, Taos Ski Valley vice president of Hospitality, recognized that authenticity along with the quality and value of the products. “We are delighted to offer Bison Star Naturals amenities in The Blake properties, our signature slope-side accommodations. We are passionate about supporting local businesses and look forward to introducing the Taos-made Bison Star products to our visitors from around the world.”

The couple has ties to the Taos Ski Valley — having both held jobs at the ski resort and one additional meaningful connection. “We were married at The Bavarian in 2014,” explained Jacquelene, “and we were thrilled that our products were chosen to be in the rooms and gift shop at The Blake.”

In keeping with the family-first theme, Bison Star Naturals — along with the McHorse family, is growing. The couple has a brick-and-mortar location at 1029 Paseo del Pueblo Norte in El Prado beside Taos Crating which handles their shipping needs. In addition to the popular sage pine, the all-natural product line includes soaps and lotions in scents like lavender and cedar along with lip balms and gift baskets. 

The products are available online and at more than 70 retail partners including national park gift shops and stores with like-minded missions. Corporate gift-giving and wholesale opportunities are also available — aligning with the, ‘think big, live small’ values of Bison Star Naturals. 

Bison Star Naturals
1029 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, El Prado