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Buds, bowls and much more at Rocky Mountain Cannabis

By Emily Mendez

In New Mexico, recreational marijuana has only become legal in the last two years. The recent surge in popularity and access with dispensaries popping up throughout the state is plainly evident here in Taos, too. Many stores line the main drive, taking over buildings and leasing spaces that were often previously left vacant. 

One such spot, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, is located conveniently close to the plaza and offers a unique experience for locals and tourists alike. With its proximity to popular tourist destinations, this cannabis dispensary is accessible and easy to visit. No matter your ultimate stop, those arriving from a more subdued culture stemming from bans in their home states will appreciate the approachable and informative experience for beginning buyers. 

Nathan Burton/Taos News
Lead bud tender John Sauter, left, helps customer Leroy Martinez select cannabis products at Rocky Mountain Cannabis in Taos.

Stepping into a dispensary for the first time, visitors (21 and older) may find themselves in awe of the atmosphere. Many people tend to associate cannabis with a street culture of weed, but these shops are legal businesses that serves as a testament to the shifting views towards recreational marijuana. 

For first-time buyers (and really for anyone that enjoys partaking), understanding the basics of cannabis is crucial. Work with your budtender or your cannabinerd to learn from their knowledge and understanding of the different effects and products available. There is a wide variety of options to suit every individual’s preference, from sleeping aids to giggle inducers to body highs. 

Low-dose THC edibles, usually in the form of gummy candies, serve as a nice introduction for those new to the world of cannabis. More experienced smokers may enjoy exploring flower options with high levels of THC. In dispensaries like Rocky Mountain Cannabis, flower is considered to be sold “deli style,” and if you want to pick your buds, you can. In other shops, the flower comes weighed and packaged for convenience and ease. It can almost feel like there are endless options between the vape cartridges, waxes and even drinks. One can never forget the ever-popular, easy-to-use preroll either! 

Nathan Burton/Taos News
Rocky Mountain Cannabis is the eighth dispensary to open in Taos since the legalization of retail recreational cannabis sales

While it may feel like a secret society, the reality is that cannabis consumption is becoming increasingly mainstream. Many people indulge in cannabis during trips with friends, creating memorable experiences. Never be afraid to ask your friends if they’d like to join you! However, it’s essential to note that public consumption is not legal nor is crossing state lines with any leftover product, and it’s important to adhere to state laws. Understanding the legal boundaries and the importance of responsible consumption are paramount to an enjoyable recreational experience for locals and tourists alike. 

Originally coming from our long-time cannabis legal neighbor, Rocky Mountain Cannabis first opened its doors in Colorado in 2009. They then expanded to New Mexico at the beginning of the cannabis movement in the state. Rocky Mountain Cannabis, along with many other dispensaries in town, are proud of their commitment to supporting local cannabis farmers. 

Nathan Burton/Taos News
Rocky Mountain Cannabis opened in Colorado in 2009 and has since expanded to 17 locations, the Taos store being the ninth location in New Mexico. The company has a model of procurement, selling wholesale products sourced from farmers around the southwest.

In New Mexico, there is a rich history of agriculture with generations of farmers leaving a lasting impact. To that end, these dispensaries pride themselves on highlighting local products, showcasing the state’s unique cannabis culture. For Rocky Mountain Cannabis, some New Mexican products are distributed among all stores in the state; they have nine shops in total. This includes 100 percent organic, craft cannabis grown in Southern New Mexico’s Mesilla Valley by Matchbox Farms. Other farms are local to Taos and are grown in the canyons, hills and valleys that surround town. 

Enjoying cannabis in Taos is quickly becoming the adventure to add to vacation itineraries. These local cannabis products, when consumed legally, can add the exact type of relaxing enjoyment people are looking for. Taking time to understand the products and the options, while using the knowledge of the staff at the dispensary, can lead to the perfect herbal accompaniment to your time in Taos. 

Rocky Mountain Cannabis
101 Cam de La Placita

NEED TO KNOW: It’s illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy, possess or use adult-use cannabis in New Mexico, just like alcohol. For more information, visit

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