Taos Historic Museums

One piece of art to see

By Rob Nightingale, vice president of Taos Historic Museums

The “Church at Ranchos” 1921, oil on canvas, Ernest Blumenschein, represents to me, Taos. This painting captures the pure essence of historical Taos. The Saint Francis de Assisi church as been a gathering place for well over two hundred years. A home for the faithful. A home for community. Later a home for visual interpretation for artists around the globe. Annually the community comes together for the ‘Enjarre’ (The re-mudding of the exterior). This painting is on display at the Blumenschein Home and Museum.

The “Church at Ranchos” by Ernest Blumenschein. Courtesy Taos Historic Museums.

Giclee prints on canvas (three sizes) are available for purchase, which benefit the Taos Historic Museums (THM). THMs’ (The Hacienda de los Martinez and The Blumenschein Home and Museum) goal is to keep this history alive within the community and for visitors.